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William Sweetlove

Cloned Penguin With Petbottle (yellow) (FH)


Plastic polyurethane

40 x 15 x 15cm

Edition of 300


Belgian born artist William Sweetlove is known for his brightly coloured sculptures that seem to merge Dadaism, Surrealism and Pop Art. Using imagery that the viewer understands and twisting it in to a surreal world of bright pop colours, Sweetlove creates an environment that confuses the viewer at first glance. It is only once the viewer starts to visually explore the piece does the humour and deeper message become apparent. 

Sweetlove's works deal with eco-friendly environmentalism in a satirical way that mocks narrow-mindedness. He creates larger than life animals and figures that seem like an oversized child's toy at first glance with its bright colours and simple design. These are coupled with a point of confusion as he depicts these animals with a pet bottle strapped to their backs and wearing shoes. In this way he draws attention to the damage to the environment as well as the ever present water shortage by presenting the viewer with a 'survival kit' for animals. In this way he reminds us that our resources are precious and not endless.

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