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Uwe Pfaff

He Aint Heavy, He Is My Brother (FH)


Copper plated steel

45 x 5 x 43cm

Edition 1 of 7 


Born in Germany, Uwe Pfaff first worked in a company that designed rock cutting equipment. It wasn't until he moved to Cape Town in 1970 that Pfaff took his first sculpture class and hosted his first exhibition a year later.

After a sabbatical from art, Pfaff turned his attention back to sculpture in the 90's, exploring size, texture, colours and metals.

His works are created by taking a blow torch to a large piece of metal, carving out figures, faces, plants, structures or a hybrid to these. Pfaff's work plays with positive and negative space as well as pattern to create works that have a sense of play.

Finishing the works with either a shiny stainless steel finish, a radiant painted surface or a variety of patinas that create a unique texture to the work.

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