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Luc Gijbels

WWWebgirl 110 x 110cm - Framed (FH)

Photographic print

110 x 110cm (available in various sizes, please request)

Edition of 15


Luc Gijbels studied publicity and graphic design in Holland before starting his own publicity agency. After a year sabbatical in Portugal to refresh and rethink, he started a fashion production company, and it was a fashion shoot that first brought him to South Africa.

Over the past 15 years, the country has become his second home.


For Gijbels' 'A Little Glow in the Dark' project, he spent 7 intense weeks in Nyanga township in Cape Town. He photographed 200 local children with 60 kilometers of white knitting yarn, pieces of art, letters, slips of paper with messages or playful snippets of wisdom - producing an arresting series of images designed to make the viewer think.

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