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Shipping & Returns

In store and email Purchase:

We require that the client experience the purchase in their space for a maximum of 7 days before requesting a return.

Returns will only be accepted if the artwork is returned undamaged and its original state when sold. Acceptance of returns outside of the 7 days time frame will be at the discretion of The Boutique Gallery.

Due to their nature and the immense risk of damages, photographic works are not suitable for return and therefore are excluded from our Returns Policy. 

No returns will be accepted for works that have left South Africa or that have been shipped outside of South Africa.


Once a commission has been quoted for, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required before the work is started. Final payment to be made once the artwork is completed. The customer will be updated on the progress of the artwork . 

No returns on commissioned works will be accepted.

Shipping and Handling:

Insurance on the artwork is always worked in to our shipping quotes we prove, any damage to the artwork en route remains the liability of the shipping and packing company that handled the artwork. The Boutique Gallery does not take responsibility for artworks during shipping, once an artwork has left our premises it becomes the responsibility of the shipping and handling company. 

If a courier is required for an artwork to be returned (only on items within South Africa) then please ensure that the artwork is packaged correctly before couriering. If this is the case, the item will be returned by the customer at the customer’s expense.  

The Boutique Gallery will not take responsibility for any courier company that is provided by the customer. We ensure that our couriers are knowledgable on the handling and shipping of artworks. 

Returns Process

Please concact us via email stating the reason for the return of the artwork, with images if needed.

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